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In Piratez, you won't find yourself in charge of international team of mixed gender soldiers. Instead, you will be recruiting mutant female pirates that have a different set of natural abilities.

Basic Differences

Hands have essentially two major differences, as well as different statistics detailed below. The first major difference is that hands have toughened mutant skin that is much more resilient, giving a slight (20%) resistance to Laser damage, as well as an armor level of 20 in the front, sides, rear and under directions.

The second major difference is that hands have a natural Night Vision (henceforth NV) level of 12, which trumps purebloods NV level of 9. Some armors may hamper or improve this ability, as well as enemies that may be using NV goggles, so beware! Night raids are best utilized by dispersing electro-flares far away and turning off your flashlights (default hotkey L). As long as you keep your troops out of the light, you can try to sneak up on the enemy!

Psionics AKA VooDoo

Psionics is now called VooDoo because it's in the future and pirates aren't very smart and it looks like magic! Anyhow, keep in mind hands are not as resilient as vanilla X-Com soldiers, nor will they ever become capable of walking Psi Gods as Psi-Amps are no longer equipment to carried, but VooDoo-amplifying armor must be worn instead. In addition, VooDoo Skill and Strength are not as high as vanilla X-Com soldier values.

Melee Combat

Piratez has a heavy focus on melee action, and in the early career of your piracy campaign, you will find yourself with access only to ancient firearms and/or very weak ballistic guns. However, a hand with a cutlass or hammer can make short work of enemies so as long as she can get within range!

Most of the melee weapons scale in accordance to your hands' statistics, so they will remain viable for quite sometime, even though you will find better melee weapons and research stronger ones! Keep in mind of the various damage types respective to each weapon as some are better suited against armored enemies and others for unarmored targets.

Hand Stat Table

Pirate Hand
Hand (AKA Gal)
Primary Stat Min Max MinCap MaxCap
Bravery 10 70 100 100
Reactions 40 70 100 105
Firing Accuracy 40 70 120 125
Melee Accuracy 30 100 140 145
Throwing Accuracy 40 65 90 95
VooDoo Skill 0 20 40 40
VooDoo Strength 25 60 60 60
Secondary Stat Min Max MinCap MaxCap
Health 40 60 90 91
Stamina 30 80 140 141
Strength 10 50 80 81
Time Units 60 80 100 101
Front 20
Sides 20
Rear 20
Under 20
Resistances & Vulnerabilities
None Armor Piercing Incendiary High Explosive Laser Plasma Stun Melee Acid Smoke
60% 100% 100% 100% 80% 100% 100% 100% 100% 400%

Inventory TU Table

From ⇒ ToGroundLeft LegRight LegBeltQuickdrawLeft HandRight HandLeft ShoulderRight ShoulderBackpack
Left Shoulder6121410106401014
Right Shoulder6141210104610014
Left Hand2810650210810
Right Hand2108652081010
Left Leg6012101068161416
Right Leg6120101086141616

Yer Escaped Lunatics (Starting Crew)

With the advent of version .99, your starting crew is a small band of six intrepid lunatics from a nearby asylum. They are slightly better in many ways from hands available through the Black Market. Their monthly salary is lower than hired hands (0 vs. 5000) but they start with worse armor: Tribal Outfit rather than Adventurer with the Hired Hands (6/25 inv vs 19/25). Their starting stats are somewhat better than the standard hand, though they cap out at the same levels, except for 10 extra stamina and 2 extra VooDoo Power. Below is a table of the Lunatic Stats and how they compare with the normal hand.


Hiring hands can be a crapshoot, but you can increase the odds of getting a good recruit by researching "Recruit: Warriors". Warriors cost a lot more, costing $75000 and $10000 a month, but have higher minimum starting values (though their cap values are still the same). They also start with Warrior Armor.

Lunatic Stats
Primary Stat Min Max MinDiff MaxDiff
Bravery 30 80 +20 +10
Reactions 50 75 +10 +5
Firing Accuracy 45 70 +5 -
Melee Accuracy 45 100 +15 +10
Throwing Accuracy 40 65 - +5
VooDoo Skill 0 25 - +15
VooDoo Strength 40 62 +15 62
Secondary Stat Min Max MinDiff MaxDiff
Health 45 60 +5 -
Stamina 35 80 +5 -
Strength 10 55 - +5
Time Units 65 85 +5 +5
Warrior Stats
Primary Stat Min Max MinDiff MaxDiff
Bravery 30 70 +20 -
Reactions 50 75 +10 +5
Firing Accuracy 50 77 +10 +7
Melee Accuracy 45 90 +15 -
Throwing Accuracy 40 68 - +8
VooDoo Skill 0 20 - +10
VooDoo Strength 27 60 +2 -
Secondary Stat Min Max MinDiff MaxDiff
Health 45 60 +5 -
Stamina 55 80 +20 -
Strength 25 50 +15 -
Time Units 65 80 +5 -