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This page may be outdated. It is up-to-date for version 0.99B. The latest version is 0.99E.3.

Tactical Tips from decrypted data discs and the BootyPedia itself:

General Tactics

010 || Diversify your weapons.

032 || Only the fools rush in. Always check your surroundings and avoid disembarking on Turn 1.

031 || If you remain unseen, you cannot be killed.

019 || Cover saves lives. Ending your move in the open is the surest ticket to the other world. Hide at least 1 tile away from a corner for maximum safety. When going under a low ceiling, kneel to see elevated enemies and be able to throw bombs further away. Standing on corpses brings bad luck.

014 || Armor is only useful to those who get hit.

056 || When someone moves, attacks or throws, a reaction check is called. There is no random factor: the Reaction scores of both fighters are multiplied by their current TU's. If the defender has a higher score, they're permitted an attack of opportunity, which can be only a Melee attack or a Snap Shot.

020 || Don't panic: any explosive can be unprimed. To do that, drag the bomb over the 'unload' button, just like you'd unload a weapon. This operation costs 25% of your TUs.

005 || The placement of your spare ammo does matter. The TU cost of reloading is increased by the cost of moving ammunition to you hand (as much as 10 if it's in your backpack). You will avoid paying extra TUs only if the spare ammo is in your free hand.


003 || Come at them from the back. It will reduce any Melee Dodge they might have by a half (attacks from the flank reduce it by 1/4th).

009 || No matter how good you think your armor is, if you're presenting your backside to the enemy, you're asking for it. Even the best armor is usually much more vulnerable from the back, and your melee dodge is the worst there as well.

011 || Strong and skilled melee fighters can destroy anything.

013 || Do not underestimate skilled, but weak melee fighters. Many of the lighter melee weapons inflict damage based rather on Skill than Strenght, and they're much less tiring to use (melee weapon's swing Energy cost equals 2/3rds of its Weight, rounded down). High Reactions will allow for a frontal charge without being shot at. Thus, a fast skirmisher will sometimes be more effective than a bulky warrior.

040 || Using a two-handed weapon single-handedly usually incurs a 33% accuracy penalty. However, some weapons (indicated by the red 2-handeness marker) are either too heavy, too intricate or otherwise impossible to use when your off-hand is empty.


016 || Normal autofire range is 11 tiles. The chance to hit drops by 2% per every tile after that.

033 || Kneeling usually increases your hit chance by 20%.

040 || Using a two-handed weapon single-handedly usually incurs a 33% accuracy penalty. However, some weapons (indicated by the red 2-handeness marker) are either too heavy, too intricate or otherwise impossible to use when your off-hand is empty.

PISTOLS - Summary || The main advantage of pistols is that they suffer no accuracy penalty when your other hand is occupied. They're also fairly accurate, shoot very fast and fit the quickdraw (QD) slot. The main disadvantages are: limited accurate range, lowish damage and reduced accuracy bonus from kneeling (just +10%). We now understand how cased ammunition works and we'll be able to reproduce it, once we have a proper Workshop."

SHOTGUNS - Summary || "Shotguns have the highest close-range accuracy of all guns, although their accurate range is severely limited. They usually fire pellet munitions which have huge damage potential, but spread very randomly and are completely useless against armored targets."

SNIPING GUNS - Summary || "The most common characteristics among these weapons are slow firing rates and a serious influence of shooter's skill on the damage inflicted. This means potential damage far exceeding that of normal rifles. 'True' sniper rifles are governed by Firing^2 * 0.001 skill, making them almost useless for warriors of Firing below circa 75."


006 || All Piercing weapons of 60+ Power will always cause some armor damage. Even more armor damage is caused by Plasma weapons, regardless of their Power (but electric weapons that cause Plasma damage do not count).

023 || Chem can melt your opponent right out of their armor. All chem weapons cause armor damage equal to 0-20% of their Power, before armor's defense is even considered, unless otherwise stated in the Pedia. This makes subsequent shots more effective. The effect stacks with armor damage caused by any penetrating hits, if applicable. Chem also causes moderate Morale damage.

080 || Do not underestimate fire, as it ignores all normal armor, no matter how thick, and causes massive Morale loss. A target hit by fire takes 5-10 damage, modified by its Fire Resistance. 2x2 targets take quadruple damage. Additional fire hit is dealt every turn the target is burning (which can last up to 5 turns). Fire damage never deals Fatal Wounds. Some enemies might be immune to fire, but those who aren't, will eventually succumb to it - especially since Flamers cause multiple hits.

022 || Certain underhanded monsters (usually the tentacled ones and witches, or, worst case, tentacled witches) will use attacks based on Special damage, that usually also destroy armor. Resistance to Special damage will be the key in dealing with them, which usually means the less clothing, the better. Bringing along stims is also recommended.

Combat Morale

046 || Experiencing comrades' deaths and being subjected to evil magics will instantly decrease Morale. The lower Bravery, the higher the loss - someone who has Bravery 90 is twice as susceptible as someone with Bravery 100, one with Bravery 80 - thrice etc. Losing one's nerves can occur if Morale is below 50 - the closer to zero, the higher the chance.

083 || The presence of an officer on a mission reduces all morale losses and boosts all morale increases by 10 to 25%, depending on their rank (only the highest one alive counts). The highest rank modifies these values by 50%. However, the death of an officer also means a more severe morale hit than death of a mere soldier, up to 175% of the normal value. Remember that the enemies are also affected by these rules - so strike right in the heart.


002 || Be wary of your encumbrance, as it could really slow you down. If the carried weight surpasses soldier's Strength, you will have less TU's available, and unlike TU penalties incurred by armor, it can even make it impossible to fire weapons. However a soldier can pick up any weight and suffer no ill-effects if the weight is dropped before the end of turn.

024 || Running is faster than walking, but you won't automatically stop upon seeing an enemy, allowing them an immediate Reactions check.

093 || High Stamina is important in battle, because Energy is used for moving, throwing, melee and magical attacks - eventually you will lose your breath. Sprinting (CTRL+move) will allow you to run faster, but will burn through any amount of Energy rather quickly. You can alleviate the problem a bit by dressing as lightly as possible, but real endurance can be achieved only through training. The Energy recovered per turn is normally equal to 10 + one quarter of the current Health.


026 || The gals will be hurting when wounded, whether you like it or not! Health damage does not only reduce combat skills, it also affects Stun and Energy recovery. When you're seriously wounded, you will be suffering constant Stun damage. This affects all human-like creatures.

107 || Our mutant bodies are able to quickly regenerate any form of non-lethal injury, so we can be smooth and ready for more adventure again, but it won't happen overnight. The healing might take anywhere from 0.5 to 1.5 times as many days as the amount of HPs an injured warrior was missing. So be a good sis and don't forget to heal as much as you can before ending a mission, since early treatment can greatly reduce the duration of the painful recovery process.


004 || What constitutes beauty is often a complicated matter, but here we simply sum it up as 'beefness'. Beefness, or physical ability is broken into stats: Strength, Health, TUs (speed) and Energy (Stamina). To increase beefness (and thus beauty), you need to train; the lower a stat, the faster it's likely to increase. Working out surely gets you there, but it requires effort. And there is a more fun way: combat. Hitting enemies with ranged and melee weapons or casting magic will not only influence related skills, but also gradually increase your beefness (and thus beauty).

055 || To train Reactions, you need either to fire opportunity shots, or hit enemies with fast melee weapons (costing 12 or less TUs to use).

064 || No mastery without training. No discipline without meaning. No real pleasure without any of them.

Air Combat

027 || You can switch craft's weapons off and on by clicking their icons during an air battle.

052 || An airborne weapon causes 50-100% of its stated damage upon a successful hit.

053 || The chances to hit a target in air combat are influenced by the size of the target. The number provided in the weapon entry is the chance to hit a Medium target. Very Small have a to-hit modifier of 75%, while Small - 87.5%. Large targets have a modifier of 125%. Very Large are trivial to hit with a modifier of 200%.

051 || Warships should be attacked by multiple craft. Up to 4 interceptors can be used in a single combat.

012 || The approach speed in dogfight is constant and equals 1 km per 4 seconds; when equipped with short-range weapons, you might take as many as 10 enemy blasts before getting into engagement range. Some enemies may flee instead of fighting, as long as the Max Speed of their craft exceeds that of your interceptor.

038 || Runts will work really hard to get your ships back into shape, but it's not an easy matter to repair such a large hull in the tight, hot confines of an underground hangar. The normal repair rate is 1 Hit Point per hour, so it might take even 10 days to repair a heavily damaged Bonaventura.


101 || Even if your VooDoo is weak, keep using it. The progress made in school is steady but very slow.

081 || Witchery Guide. >The base accuracy of a VooDoo attack is equal to 2% of caster's Mastery (Power*Skill) +25. It drops by 2 per every tile of distance. >Efficiency changes that base accuracy; eg. Efficiency of 50% means that accuracy is halved. >Difficulty of a VooDoo attack ranges from v. hard (+0 Accuracy) to v. easy (+40 Accuracy). >V. Defense (Power + Skill/5) decreases effective accuracy. If they're equal, the chance to succeed is 0. If accuracy is 200 higher than defense, success is guaranteed.

General Esoteric Wisdom

086 || Only Mun Tzu could a Tank and 4 Gals at the same time.

035 || Every paradise has its snake. Read between the verses.

007 || If you can't get enough plundering, make a break every few hours. Savour the anticipation, protect your sanity and let your body regenerate.

008 || Discretion is the better part of valour.

054 || Never do it alone. A pair is much better. Four makes a party.

017 || Dragons might eat you, but they might not.

018 || Greed kills. Don't stuff your mouth with more than you can swallow.

058 || Nothing shameful in human body. Yet for everything is a good and a bad time.