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For the XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) version, see Sectoid (EU2012)
For the version that appears in The Bureau, see Sectoid (Bureau)

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The Sectoid hierarchy ranges from soldiers to leaders with powerful psionic abilities. These psionic powers can be used to demoralise soldiers in combat, or even take control of their minds.

They tend to indulge in human abductions and cattle mutilation. The abduction is used to extract genetic material for cross breeding and developing clones for infiltrating human society. The cattle provide both nutrition and genetic material.

This race appears to want to develop superior genetic hybrids to increase the efficiency of their hive-like society.

Source: UFO Defense/Enemy Unknown Ufopaedia

Sectoids look like the stereotypical alien abductor - skinny, grey and with big black eyes.

Sectoids are usually the first alien species a Commander will come across. They are lightly armoured and will usually go down after taking one or two direct hits with standard Earth pistols and rifles.

This species is among the most deadly in the game, and should never be underestimated. They are vicious, and make excellent use of cover. Though weak, high ranking sectoids such as the Leaders and Commanders have the ability to use psionics to mentally attack and disrupt the activities of X-COM squads. Just one Sectoid with psi powers can be a deadly threat to even the toughest of squads if there are any weak links in their mental defences. They should be engaged cautiously, but rapidly and with prejudice. Feel free to throw whatever weapons you have at them; incendiaries, explosives, the lot.

This race is often involved in terror attacks and is supported in these endeavours by the Cyberdisc. In terror missions, it's easy to lose half a dozen soldiers before leaving the Skyranger, if both the Cyberdisc and psi capable Leader are immediately present.

Capturing a Leader or Commander Sectoid will allow R&D to further their research into the field of psionics. An Ethereal of any rank will also allow this.

Because of their high intelligence, (capacity to remember your troop locations) and covered sniping tendencies, Sectoids should ideally never be fought at night. Explosives should be used to remove buildings which they can use as cover. Use of rockets or explosives against a single Sectoid also should not necessarily be considered a waste, because although they have low health, they present a small target which can be difficult for rookies with non-explosive weapons to hit. Use of rockets means that the Sectoid is likely to be killed within the blast radius, so a direct hit is not necessary.


Sectoid Autopsy
Sectoid Autopsy

The autopsy reveals vestigial digestive organs and a simple structure. The brain and eyes are very well developed. The structure suggests genetic alteration or mutation.

The small mouth and nose appear to have little function. The webbing between the fingers and the flat feet suggest aquatic origins.

There are no reproductive organs and no clues as to how this species can reproduce. They are most probably a genetically engineered species.

Source: UFO Defense/Enemy Unknown Ufopaedia

Time Units 54-62
Health 30
Energy 90-104
Reactions 63-78
Strength 30-32
Bravery 80
Firing Accuracy 26-64
Throwing Accuracy 58
Psi Skill 40-58
Psi Strength 50-69
Melee Accuracy 76
Armour: Front 2-4
Armour: Left/Right 1-3
Armour: Rear 1-2
Armour: Under 1-2
Energy Recovery 30
Victory Points 10-25
Aggression 0-2
Intelligence 3-8
Height: Standing 16
Height: Kneeling 12
Valid Ranks
Soldier Yes
Navigator Yes
Medic Yes
Engineer Yes
Leader Yes
Commander Yes
Terrorist -

AP In HE Laser Plasma Stun Melee Acid Spit
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 120% 160%

Appearance rate
Dec - Jan Feb - Mar Apr - May Jun - Jul Aug Onwards
50.00% 50.00% 26.66..% 15.00% 26.66..%

For a complete a breakdown by race and mission type, see: Alien Appearance Ratios or Alien Appearance Ratios (TFTD)

Other references

  • Sectoids firstly appeared on Laser Squad, the predecessor to UFO Defense, on mission 5 'Paradise Valley', where they are mentioned as "A sentient race known as the Sectoids tend to collect and store weaponry taken from humans unfortunate enough to meet them, and they have the ability to use these weapons as well."

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